Kung Fu for Christ Welcomes International Flag

Our Kung Fu for Christ program is Mobilized!
We’ve joined thousands of Salvationists world wide to embody and live out the love of Jesus.
@tsamobilising #thewholeworldmobilising

The Ontario Great Lakes division recently participated in the  “Whole World Mobilising – Territorial Flag Relay” from April 24th – May 3rd, 2017, as the flag made itself across the Territory. The goal was to have it in as many places as possible in our division during that period.  When the flag is present at different events across the territory, photos are taken with the participants actively involved in various events and gatherings. These photos will be then be forwarded to Territorial Headquarters to be profiled in the Newfoundland Congress with the General present.

The challenge was to use creativity in depicting what regularly happens, along with any new initiatives in the neighbourhoods of communities. The flag does not have to stay in a building rather it should be battle-scarred from the field when it arrives on the platform in Newfoundland. Take photos of it with your people in action wherever you and your various ministry units see fit: outside at an open air, in Tim Horton’s, in a gym, in a classroom, at a youth group event, in the shelter, at family services, at a social justice activity or even somewhere that can showcase the beautiful scenery we have across Canada and Bermuda. We want to show that the Canada and Bermuda Territory is mobilizing, not just in our buildings, but in the communities of our great division and territory.