Canadian Elected 21st General of The Salvation Army

BREAKING NEWS: The 21st General of The Salvation Army is Commissioner Brian Peddle.

The 2018 High Council commenced on May 17 and ended on May 24 with the announcement of the new General – Elect, Brian Peddle.

Join us now in prayer for the new General-elect and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle.

A High Council comprises all active Salvation Army commissioners (except the spouse of the serving General), territorial commanders and territorial presidents of women’s ministries. Its sole purpose is to prayerfully elect the next international leader of The Salvation Army, who will assume responsibility when General Cox retires at midnight 2 August 2018. Membership of the High Council and some other aspects of its procedures are set out in the Salvation Army Act 1980, enacted by the British Parliament.

Letter from Col. Lee Graves, Chief Secretary

To understand the process of election and watch the announcement visit: