Let’s Rebuild Together

A personal journey of discipleship we can share together to prepare our hearts for Lent and Easter.

God is on the move and is calling us to renewed hope and confidence in God’s mission and purpose.  Following the example of Nehemiah, this Lent we will have a time to rediscover our voice of testimony and hope in the unconquerable purposes of God.  Nehemiah challenges us to ‘let’s start rebuilding’ (Nehemiah 2:18).

Nehemiah stood in the gap (he was a bridge) for God’s people and he drew people together in prayer, fasting and rebuilding. TOGETHER they rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days.

Starting on February 24th we began our own 52 day journey as a church in studying, praying and claiming the truths of God in Nehemiah.

Devotional thoughts will be posted to the church Facebook page on a daily basis.    https://www.facebook.com/sakitchenercc

We also have hard copies for those who would like to follow a printed version.  If you would like a printed version, please let the office know and we will prepare one for you.